Social Support

Companionship and friendly visits, participation in social activities and groups, assistance with maintaining social connections. It is the objective of the Aged Care and NDIS programme to support people within these sectors to achieve independence, social and economic participation.

Social and recreation activities are part of everyday life. These are activities everybody does for fun and can help with your health and wellbeing. They can also help you to meet new people and improve your skills. Engaging in these activities can open doors to new relationships and skill enhancements. When we discuss support for social and recreational endeavours funded by the NDIS or Aged Care, we’re referring to the additional assistance you may require participating in these activities due to your unique needs.

A woman with Disability and her caregiver
Female Caregiver Holding an Old Female Patient's Hands Giving Support

Social and recreation activities can include things like:

  • Visiting your friends and family
  • Active hobbies, such as bike riding, skiing, or swimming
  • Playing sport, such as tennis, surfing, or basketball
  • Going out, for instance to the movies or a concert or even the park
  • Going places for fun, such as shopping or visiting a museum or the library
  • Relaxing, like meditation or yoga or just sitting at home with someone near
  • Learning new skill development courses, like dance, art classes or knitting.
  • To enjoy a holiday (day trip/ planned long holiday)

Embarking on a social or recreational activity might initially call for short-term support to help you ease into it. This support could serve to enhance your skills fostering independent participation, or connect you with a consistent helper if needed. For some, ongoing support may be necessary, and if that’s the case, we are here to explore funding options for continued assistance.

For example, you might need extra help to go to a pottery class because of your situation. You would need to pay for the cost of the class. We might fund a support worker to help you operate the pottery wheel if you need help because of your circumstances. Or support you to attend a class if your circumstances mean you can’t go on your own.
Your core budget in the plan may already include funding that can be utilized for social and recreational support. If you’re uncertain about navigating these funds for such activities, feel free to reach out to us for guidance. We’re here to ensure that your journey into these meaningful experiences is as smooth as possible.

Should the social support you need not be listed on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re open to discussing your requirements, whether they involve activities such as music including concerts, entertainment, bingo, art and craft lessons, shopping trips, day excursions, Pilates classes, exercise classes, cultural group meetings, or visits to public gardens, libraries, or museums.