Assistance with Daily Living

Struggling with daily tasks? Whether you need a hand for a few hours or every day, we’re here to tailor a plan that suits your needs. From refreshing showers to delightful dinner preparations to laundry, we’ve got you covered.

As part of your NDIS or Aged Care management plan, our support services are seamlessly integrated, ensuring you receive the assistance you need to live independently. Assisting Home Care Services extends its helping hand for assisted living in Adelaide and surrounding regions.

We recognize the importance of maintaining your independence, and our range of daily living supports reflects just that:

  • Extra Helep at home.
  • Assistance with personal care
  • Support with living
  • Shopping
  • Outings
  • Banking, bill payments and managing utilities
  • Laundry and Cooking
  • Bed Making
  • Medical appointments
  • Transport
A woman with Disability and her caregiver

Our Daily Living Supports cater to children and adults living with a disability or are ageing, making everyday life easier and less stressful. Whether it’s domestic assistance for the short or long term, our care plan is designed to suit your lifestyle.

Assisting Home Care Services goes beyond the home, supporting clients on holidays, school, or outings in the community. We understand that day-to-day tasks should be taken care of wherever you are, ensuring you experience the freedom and independence you deserve.

Choose Assisting Home Care Services for a care plan that empowers you to live life your way!

As top disability support providers, we value independent living. Our assisted daily living services offer tailored support for personal tasks. We customize services according to Aged Care and NDIS personal goals. Our open-door policy welcomes feedback for improvement. Our in-home support includes various options like round-the-clock care, personal care, meal prep, and companionship. Our services cover tasks, community access, medical appointments, activities, transport, and shopping. Our day programs focus on learning, upskilling, and enjoyment. We offer center-based activities from Monday to Friday, with weekend and holiday options available. Activities include arts, cooking, sports, outings, and more. We prioritize individual development, social skills, and inclusivity.