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With a history spanning over 27 years, we have been dedicated to the care of Australians in the Aged Care and NDIS sectors. Originating as a cleaning company serving the residents of Adelaide since 1996, our growth led to a client base of hundreds of individuals, providing approximately 1600 cleaning services per month.

Recognizing a gap in support services during our tenure as a cleaning provider, we responded to the evolving needs of our clients. As demand for more comprehensive support services arose, we established our own company to address this requirement.

Man With Disability Wheel Chair Doing Exercise

Inclusion is a Capability Embraced by All

In acknowledgment of enduring challenges in hospital readmission rates and care outcomes within our community, the federal government initiated a significant overhaul of the home care sector in 2017. This restructuring welcomed new organizations with the goal of delivering enhanced services for the benefit of individuals.

Drawing on our firsthand experience in providing top-tier care through cleaning services, our journey evolved to encompass compassionate and certified care for elderly and disabled clients. Reflecting on disillusioning encounters with aged care providers, we were motivated by the belief that we could provide a superior level of care.

What We Offer

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At our core, we prioritize you as a unique individual, fostering direct communication with our management team.

At Assisting Home Care Services our focus is on maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. We guide you through complex services, offering professional expertise that you can trust.

Our commitment extends beyond meeting basic requirements. We offer a range of exceptional services tailored to each client’s unique needs, recognizing that true home care involves a thoughtful
approach to enhance comfort and confidence.

Aged Care: Tailored support for individuals over the age of 65, enhancing confidence and independence in daily life.

Disability Care: Customized plans to make life more comfortable for individuals with mental or physical disabilities.

We offer individual services for each area, encompassing support and transportation. Explore our offerings on our website for detailed information on the comprehensive care and support services we provide.